Frequently Asked Questions


What is "vintage"?
Vintage are pieces that were designed and manufactured at least 20 years ago; vintage items are usually pre- owned and have been previously loved and worn


Difference between "vintage" and "dead stock"?
Dead stock is vintage merchandise that was produced at least 20 years ago as well but was never sold to the public or worn; usually excess of inventory


Are all the WHTV pieces real vintage?
Yes!!! each piece has been evaluated by our suppliers


How can I tell if a garment is real vintage?
Usually by the fabrication or style of the piece; but also by the look of the label on the inside of the garment. Labels from previous eras vary on materials, colors and techniques used to attach them to the garments


 Why buy vintage?
Apart from being eco- friendly, manufacturing techniques and fabrics from previous eras were a lot greater than today's mass production. Also, think that it will be almost impossible to find someone wearing the same item


 Where do the clothes come from?
Literally, from all over the world; everywhere we go we try to find special pieces that represent our brand


 How is the selection process?
Each piece is hand- picked by the WHTV founder; pieces are carefully selected and we would never peak something to sell that we wouldn't wear ourselves; we believe 100% in every single piece we buy for you. We have one of each item


 Have they been washed?
Absolutely!!! some professionally cleaned (depending on the material of the garment)


In what condition are they?
All of our items are "real vintage" pieces that have been loved and cared for previously; there are three condition categories:
(any imperfections will be included in the item's description)


 How do I know if an item will fit me?
Size measurements change from era to era and sometimes the size on the label is missing or doesn't correspond with its modern size. So...
We measure every single item individually on a flat surface as follows: 
pit to pit: 
shoulder to shoulder:
top collar to bottom:
sleeve length:

Do you accept returns?
Unfortunately not. We measure each item individually and carefully to help you determine if it will fit; we recommend comparing measurements to an item of yours to ensure accurate fit


How long will it take to receive my order?
We will ship within 1 or 2 business days after the order is placed. Shipping may take up to 3 days for domestic US orders. Allow up to 15 days for international orders. Please take into account that custom fees may apply depending on the country


Will it fit me? I am still not sure...
Please do not hesitate to email us with any questions before purchasing as we don't accept returns on items that don't fit properly


Can't find what you are looking for?
email us at info@wehadtovintage.com and will try to find it for you!


Our philosophy...


Happy Shopping!