about us

Sole, founder of We Had To Vintage was born Andalusia, Spain. At the age of 19 she
moved to London where she started working as a visual stylist for Abercrombie & Fitch
after completing a masters degree at the University of Westminster. She then worked for
Ralph Lauren managing the women's apparel and accessories division and attended a
variety of courses at The London College of Fashion in Fashion Buying and
Merchandising. In 2014 Sole and her husband moved to New York where she worked at
the showroom of a high fashion designer in the Garment District.
Sole has travelled around the world extensively and her passion for vintage comes from
the places she has discovered on her motorcycle trips along her husband. She is also a
rider herself and a rock n' roll enthusiast who likes to play ukulele and who's
idea of having a good time involves music, travel stories and good company.
That's how We Had To Vintage was born. We don't only sell clothes; we sell stories, a
character and a lifestyle that we express through a particular piece of clothing. We travel
around the world hand- picking the best pieces that represent our brand.